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Damien is a sheep living in Damien's Silo in Dogcraft.

In Dogcraft Edit

Damien was one of Stacy's sheep living in the pens next to the Bark she kept her livestock in before the Quonset was built. His natural color is black but he was dyed yellow as all the other sheep were to provide enough yellow wool for Stacy to build the giant fire hydrant that would later become the Silo. While most of the sheep were dyed back to their original colours after the project was complete, Damien remained yellow. He did not move to the Quonset with the other livestock when it was built, and instead Stacy left him inside the Silo.

Damien's Silo Edit

Damien's Silo is a yellow hydrant with two waterfalls. Damien collects foods for Stacy to use, such as potatoes, carrots, wheat, seeds, etc. In most epawsodes Stacy walks in to grab something to snack on. The most recent use of the silo was in epawsode 301, where Stacy grabbed some sugar.

In "The Explosion", Stacy decided to blow up what is now known as Felicity's Mountain. She put redstone on the Silo and watched as she failed to blow the mountain up.

Trivia Edit

  • Damien is the first animal to be named and owns a building.