Dalmatian Death
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June 4, 2014



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"Dalmatian Death" is the seventeenth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on June 4th, 2014.

 Overview Edit

Stacy begins the episode by announcing she will be venturing into the Nether. She then proceeds to the 'Dalmatian Plantation' and names a newest puppy, 'Penny'. On her way back down, she accidentally hits one of the dalmatians, and as Stacy didn't have any raw meat in her inventory, it dies, followed by one of her signature gasps.

Outside, she realises that, Harry Potter, one of her Squickens has escaped, and after attempting to get him back into Squicken Beach, accidentally lets another Squicken escape as well, and after much reluctant nudging, manages to get Harry Potter back inside the enclosure. Stacy then hatches a Swegg and names the new Squicken, Ethan. After realising that the Squickens may be swimming under the fences surrounding the enclosure, she places sand under the water to prevent any further escapes.

After breeding Pongo and Perdita to create another dalmatian puppy for the one that died, she sombrely places a sign in the pet cemetery in remembrance of the dalmatian. Deciding to hold off on going to the Nether considering the events that occurred, Stacy sets out and tames the other husky, and names her, Luna.

 Trivia Edit

  • This episode features the first time that a dalmatian from the 'Dalmatian Plantation' is killed.
  • After naming the husky, Luna, Stacy realises that it is another Harry Potter themed name and both Luna and Sirius have names connected to astrology.

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