Cat Cafe
Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe



Completion Episode

Japanese Pago-Done! (Ep.24)

First Appearance

Cat Cafe (EP.23)

Last Appearance

Goodbye (EP.50)

The Cat Cafe was a shop owned by Stacy in The Cube. 


From the very beginning, Stacy had said she wanted to make animal-related shops at Spawn, but she wasn't sure which animal to focus on first. She eventually decided to work on the Cat Cafe (based off of real-life cat-cafes), but she had a major problem getting cats. While Searching for a portal back to spawn (with ThatOneTomahawk), the cats Stacy had tamed died by suffocating in leaf blocks. Frustrated, Stacy put the project on hold.

Eventually, Stacy went back to the idea of the Cat Cafe, and she successfully got the cats she wanted without them dying (which she named: Buddy, Georgette, and Nugget). She began work on the actual structure, and it was finished by the next episode. 

The Cafe consists of a bottom floor, where Stacy's cats hang out for the public to play with, and an upper floor where one can buy their very own cat (though it would be loyal to Stacy). At the very top floor, is a secret storage area for Stacy. 

Completion Edit

The primary inspiration of the build was from Eastern Asian Pagoda Buildings, along with a back garden consisting of a large pond and foot bridge. Stacy also mentioned that she asked Bayani for help on the buildings outer stems, along with asking if he approves (due to Bayani being known as the best builder on the server).

Price of entry was originally one diamond, but eventually changed to gold, the Cafe was a fairly profitable build for Stacy, along with having various users pay for admittance:


  • Stacy has said that the Cat Cafe is one of her favorite builds, and has expressed interest in bringing it to her Dogcraft world. 
  • Buddy (one of the cats in the Cat Cafe) was named after LDShadowLady's real-life cat. 

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