Once a zombie, always a zombie
—Butch's To-Do List




Professional Status
  • Butcher
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Farmer
Personal Status


First Appearance

Fur-Raising Ride (EP. 162) ?

Last Appearance

Sooezy's Revenge (EP.183)

Butch is a villager in Dogcraft. He was originally a Zombie Villager named Gus, though Stacy healed him and reverted him back into a regular villager. 

Butch is known for being a major antagonist in the Dogcraft series. 

In DogcraftEdit

Zombie VillagerEdit

Butch was originally found stalking Madeline by her barker as a zombie villager. Stacy quickly named tagged him "Gus", and  lured him into the Puppy Playroom, where she kept him there as she gathered the ingredients to heal him. She made a golden apple, and went to Dr. Nineheeler's to recieve a Splash Potion of Weakness. When Stacy returned after waiting for the ingredients to kick in, she found not only Gus, with a new name of "Butch", but also the return of her old zombie horse, Aspara"Gus". 


Zombie "Gus"

Carrot FarmingEdit

As Stacy went down to the ground floor of her house to visit the art gallery, she discovered Butch in her garden with barrels containing stacks of carrots. Eventually, Butch accumulated so many carrots that Stacy had to confront him about it. When finally walking over to him to talk with him, he and his carrots were gone.

Butch and Polly's Pet SuppliesEdit

After constructing most of Polly's Pet Supply, Stacy went to visit it only to find it being boarded up, and renamed "Butch and Polly's Pet Supply". Stacy was very confused, and cut down the door to get it. She realzed Butch had finished off the shop, and then noticed an item which she hadn't recognized. "Butch's Canned Dog Food". Stacy realized that Butch was using all the carrots as an ingredient in this, and thanked Butch for creating a way to feed the wolves without killing pigs. 

Secrets RevealedEdit

After returning home from the Christmas Cabin to the dog show, Stacy was instead greeted by Sooezy the pig, whom Butch had been looking over. Sooezy was bloodied and injured, and eventually died from her injuries, dropping Butch's Canned Dog Food as she perished. Stacy, confused by the entire thing, began investigating Butch's shop, and came across a trapdoor leading to his storeroom.  
  • Stacy discovering Butch's Buchery
  • Butch's To Do List

In the storeroom, Stacy discovered baby animals trapped in cages, and eventually found his To-Do List. After reading the list, it was revealed that Butch was still loyal to the zombies, and Butch's Dog Food was in reality still meat, which was previously thought to be vegetarian. Butch's plan was to fatten up the dogs with the food, and feast on the dogs.


Stacy kills Butch

Stacy kills Butch

After rescuing the baby pigs from Butch's lair, Stacy soon fainted and dreamed about a giant pig destroying the world. When she awoke, she realized she needed to kill Butch. She approached him, and hit him once, allowing her wolves to do the rest. 


  • Butch is the only character in Dogcraft to be officially renamed. 
  • Butch is the first male villager, the second is Madeline's brother. 
  • Butch is the second character to be revealed as a villain. 
  • Dog The Cat and Butch share many similarities.
    • Both are originally thought to be nice, but are later revealed to be evil.
    • Both have a secret underground lair which Stacy was unaware of.
    • Both own books which reveals their intentions.

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