• Basi
  • Bai
  • Bas
  • Fast Girl

Wolf (Domesticated)



Professional Status
  • Wolf Pack
  • Basil's Barkery
Previous Affiliation(s)

Pride Pack

  • Basil's Barkery Owner
  • Fastest wolf
Personal Status


First Appearance
  • Episode 8 "Double the Dogs" (Dogcraft)

Basil is one of Stacy's dogs in Dogcraft, and is a member of the Wolf Pack. She, is often mistaken to be the sister of Wink but Basil is actually the mother of Wink, Droplet and Splat 

Basil is also the owner of Basil's Barkery, and the employer of Madeleine. She is known to be the fastest and one of the smartest and brave wolves.

In DogcraftEdit

Basil is one of the most iconic dogs of Dogcraft, due to her main trait--her speed. Basil is not only much faster than all of the other wolves, she is also among the smartest. Due to her speed, she is the most athletic dog of the pack and it was eventually revealed that, while Stacy is away, Basil occasionally runs around the world and returns home without getting caught.  

Origin Edit

In episode 8 of Dogcraft, Basil was tamed along with Noah, Everest, and Tucker. However, after feeding many of the dogs meat, Stacy accidentally bred Basil and another wolf together, creating Wink. 

The Lighting Strike Edit

At the start of episode 55, Basil was abruptly struck by lightning. In a state of panic, Stacy quickly sent Basil to Dr. Nineheelers. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the lightning strike granted Basil with many special abilities, the most notable being her incredible speed. The attack also turned Basil's collar color from a bright green to a more pea-green. Since then, Basil has been a member of the Wolf Pack. 

Basil's Barkery Edit

Basil's Barkery is a bakery currently owned (and named after) Basil. The bakery was first built in episode 48, and Basil received ownership in episode 68. The current staff members of the Bakery include Madeleine and Croissant.

The Puppy Bowl Edit

Basil was part of Team Molly during the first annual Dogcraft Puppy Bowl. Basil proved herself to be the most valuable player, and caught the Throw Bone first nearly every time. Basil scored the first point to Team Molly. Due to her extreme speed, however, Basil was then benched from the team to make the game fair.     

The Poodle ExpeditionEdit

During the part of the series when Stacy was collecting poodles, Basil was chosen to come along and gather more poodles. They got three poodles. The poodles were named: Puddle, Cyanna, and Goldie.


  • Basil was the first female wolf in Dogcraft. 
  • Prior to the lightning strike, Basil's collar was green. After, however, it became a chartreuse color. 
  • In Dog Sled Saga, Stacy named a dog after Basil. 
  • According to episode 255 of Dogcraft, her favorite hobby is Distance Running. 
  • Acordinng to Stacy Basil and Everest are her 'Dream duo' 

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