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June 10th, 2012



aHeroesHeart also know as just 'Shawn' is an American Minecraft gamer who appeared in the Hexxit series, and Attack of the B-Team alongside Stacy and Joey. Him and Stacy are good friends.

Collabs with Stacy Edit

Hexxit Edit

Main article: Hexxit 

Hexxit was a modded series with Stacy and Joey, naturally spawning areas included castles, booby traps and magical objects. The groups general goal was to collect trophy's earned from killing bosses, along with exploring the environment and destroying towers filled with mobs and a boss at the top.  Shawn occasionally featured in the the series and aided Stacy and Joey in defeating many boss battles.

Attack of the B-Team Edit

Main article: Attack of the B-Team

Shawn skin

Shawn's skin

Attack of the B-Team was a modded survival series where Stacy and Joey were joined by Shawn. The series included many mystical objects and any mob killed meant Joey, Stacy or Shawn would turn into that mob, Stacy continued with the pranking used the morphing ability as Joey wanted to tame an Ocelot. The series also included dragons and witchcraft making it more different from Hexxit.  

aHeroesHeart's Channel Edit

Shawns channel currently has over 10,000 subscribers, the channel hasn't had a new video since October 2014 making Shawns channel Inactive, shawn stated to one user:

"Just doing that college life"


  • He had a dalmatian named after him in Dogcraft.

References Edit

Shawn's Youtube channel

Shawn's Twitter

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