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September 5, 2014



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"Survival Island"

"A-Maze-Ing New Series" is the first episode of the Diversity. It premiered on September 5th, 2015. 


Introduction BranchEdit

Cupquake and Stacy begins the episode by introducing themselves to the viewers. Cupquake reads the Introduction book, consisting of the rules and how to receive a wool with the addition of where the wool be placed. Finishing their reading, they enter Monument Room. Selecting their first challenge, Stacy decides to start the m
Diversity 1 Monument Room

Are you feeling Diversed yet?

ap with the Introduction Challenge. Once Stacy steps on the pressure plate, they experience an issue with the command blocks, forcing them to enable them (command blocks). Returning from the server issue, the Branch Room is opened to begin the series. 

Labyrinthian BranchEdit

Selecting the Labyrinthian Branch, the duo enters a leaves maze with wooden/quartz flooring. Cupquake suggests that they should do a rule of only turning right. Zig-zagging through the green frenzy, Stacy says that the stage reminds her of Harry Potter (Triwizard Tournament) which Cupquake responds clueless to. Asking Cupquake about her opinion on Harry Potter and reading in general, Stacy exits out of the server, silent to then laughing. The duo clears the first stage fairly easy and enters the second stage. 

Diversity 1 Stacy Offended

Stacy is Offended

In Stage 2, they enter a dark maze, consisting of pressure plates that brighten once it's stepped on. Stage 2 proves itself to be a more difficult challenge as the two struggled to find the exit. Stacy and Cupquake continuously ran through the map, without finding their way out of the never-ending map. Always ending at a "Give Up" sign that they tried to avoid press at all times. Returning to the middle, Stacy and Cupquake change their mindset by going right instead of left. After minutes of searching, they finally came across the exit and succeeded finishing the second stage.

Diversity 1 Lava Spot

Hot Like Me

Stage 3 presented itself as a lava trap. Gaining torches from the chest, Cupquake decides to use the them as markers to keep track of their direction. The trap was more easier to beat as Cupquake quickly found a checkpoint. From there, they decide to go right once again and luckily finds exit. The exit was false as they had to do one more stage to pass. They carefully maneuvered to the end, successfully earning themselves the Purple Wool.

Diversity 1 Purple Room

Purple Branch Completed! Bow Down

Cupquake then asks Stacy about choosing the next challenge, which Stacy doesn't but waits until the next episode to be revealed. The episode ends with the duo saying their goodbyes.



  • Cupquake reveals that she does like to read but falls asleep in the process. 
  • The introduction to the "Right Rule."
    • The extended rule is, "Right leads to light. Left leads to death." 
  • During Stage 2, Stacy jokingly says that they may be stuck in the maze for 3 months.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Stacy makes a reference to the Harry Potter book series.
    • More specifically, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (during the Triwizard Tournament). 

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